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Welcome to the Allied Diesel Website

Allied Diesel is the official distributor in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq for many world-class companies. We provide our customers in our area of responsibility with product sales as well as after-sales support, be it warranty services or regular maintenance or repair and technical assistance. We stock genuine spare parts and consumables. Recently we celebrated 40 years in business and you can read a brief history of our company and our quality statement as well as our social and environmental responsibility policies at Company page (Lebanon or Syria).

Please visit our PRODUCTS page or choose one of the logos at the bottom of the page in order to have more details about the sales and after-sales support for

  • Heavy duty ENGINES for marine, industrial, oil and gas or g-drive applications
  • Fueled by DIESEL, GAS or HFO
  • Locally assembled or factory assembled GENERATING SETS
  • On and Off-highway TRUCKS from 5T to 80T

Clients can always count on the parts availability and quality service they expect from the dealer or distributor of the world class companies we represent

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MTU and John Deere are participating in Dubai's major more

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Allied Diesel will participate in Energy Lebanon 2016 at the more

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