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Detroit Diesel Corporation is a U.S. company that is currently a division of Daimler-Benz and manufactures heavy duty diesel engines for the trucking industry. However our involvement is with the classic Detroit Diesel (GM) engines ranging from 50 to 2700 kW for practically all applications: the traditional 2 cycle products (Series 53,71, 92 and 149 whose production was stopped at the end of last century) but also 4 cycle products like the S60 which is still in production. Detroit Diesel is the world leader in diesel electronic controls with the introduction of DDEC on its 92 series back in 1985. Since then the electronic controls have invaded all series in all ranges and now all the engines manufactured by Detroit Diesel are electronically governed mainly by DDEC in its 5th version. DDEC provides optimum speed control together with continuous engine monitoring giving the greatest fuel economy while complying with the most stringent emission regulations. Detroit Diesel engine series 60 introduced in 1987 was the first engine of its class to go below the .300 lb/bhp/hr specific fuel consumption and to exceed the 1 million mile in operation.

 As long ago as 1935, Detroit Diesel was using the unit injection pump which has become now the standard of the industry and many copetitors are using it in their production. 

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