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Sirius is the brand name for our locally assembled generating sets powered by John Deere engines. In a market where most competitors have chosen components that are of low quality and below international standards, avoiding to reveal embarassing details, Sirius uses premium quality components from world class suppliers in proven and tested design in order to give you the trouble free performance you expect from your prime power or standby generating set.

Scope of Supply

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What are the advantages for the end-user?

Sirius gensets are built exclusivery with John Deere Powertech engines manufactured exclusively in Saran, France or Waterloo, Iowa, USA. From 25 to 500 kVA in prime power or standby application and in 1500 or 1800 rpm. Cooling system is designed and assembled by John Deere for 50C ambient
For all its distributors and OEM's worldwide John Deere does not have a factory in China to assemble and build engines from. Many competitors provide engines from China or India without either factory branded or copies without telling their customers
  • guaranteed origin
  • 4 second 100% step load for most models
  • low maintenance Cost and up to 500 hours oil change
  • Long Time between Overhaul
  • 1 year/unlimited hours or 2 years/2000 hours regular warranty
  • extended warranty up to 5 years/10.000 hours
  • original cooling system filled with JD coolant providing protection from -25 to +50C ambient
  • engine is delivered filled with special oil for quick and efficient break-in
Sirius gensets are built with Linz alternators as standard option. The Linz has only one factory is Verona, Italy
Although we can use any alternator specified by the customer, our standard option is the Linz alternator which beside its excellent characteristics interms of form wave, efficiency, load acceptance etc.. has the exclusive advantage of being manufactured in Ital. You can click the Linz logo to visit the website
  • guaranteed origin
  • high efficiency
  • low Sub Transient Reactance Xd'' for best wave form
  • Optional 3 phase AVR monitoring for reduced load imbalance
Island mode Sirius gensets are built with S&AS Surf 2 Controllers as standard option. This controller is proudly made in Lebanon
Although we can use any controller specified by the customer, our standard option for the gensets in island mode is the S&AS Surf 2 controller which provides state-of-the-art monitoring and controls of the genset and is fully compatible with our WATCH system. You can click the S&AS logo to visit the website and get more information on the product, download brochures etc...
  • factory support
  • one screen reading for all parameters
  • 100% compatible with WATCH
  • complete remote control: start-stop, monitoring, fault reading and parameter change
  • events and faults notification by SMS
Control Cabinet Components:
All of our control cabinet components are from the Austrian Controllers as standard option. This controller is assembled and 100% tested locally by qualified technicians
By carefully selecting the components and optimizing the design we reduce reduce the chance of any component failure and therefore the whole system failure.
  • relays are diode bypassed for harmful spikes elimination
  • wiring size is per BS to eliminate risk of over-current load
  • wiring is both number and colour coded for easy diagnostics
Power Cabinet:
We can use the circuit breaker brand specified by our customer but our standard option is 4 pole ABB miniature or molded case circuit breaker (depending on size) with appropriate breaking capacity compatible with the currents in the event of a short circuit.
Most competitors offer only 3 pole circuit breakers which does not previde adequate protecion on the neutral line. Few competitors ensure that the breaking capacity of the CB is compatible with the alternator expected short circuit currents. Also most competitors do not respect the ampicity of the power cables creating a possible risk of overheating and even failure at high loads. By carefully selecting the components and optimizing the design we reduce reduce the chance of any component failure and therefore the whole system failure.
  • reliable supplier
  • 4 pole CB is standard cutting the neutral in the event of a failure
  • CB breaking capacity is higher than the worst case of short circuit
  • No overheating and minimal losses from incorrect wire sizing

We offer our customers a wide choice of options all carefully designed, procured and built with the same attention to quality and performance as our standard product. A sample of these options is listed below but if you have any different requirement, do not hesitate to contact us:
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Synchronization Panels
  • Dual or Triple Source Power Control Cabinet
  • WATCH system
  • 5A or 10A DC Battery Charger
  • Back-up Control System
  • Soundproof canopy up to 65 dB at 1m
  • Fuel Tanks with accessories
  • Mechanical Control Panels