Allied Diesel


Social & Environmental Policies

Allied Diesel is concious that its actions and decisions affect the society as a whole and that it is its responsibility to be a socially active element and to have the least impact on the environment. Allied Diesel has put in place a "Handbook of Policilies & Regulations" and it makes it mandatory for all personnel to read it and apply its directives. This Handbook is an internal document but can be avaialble to interested parties at their demand using the FEEDBACK link or button in the top row of each page of this website. The Handbook includes 12 Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Standard of Conduct
  3. Workplace Health & Safety
  4. Environmental Policy
  5. Organizational Chart
  6. Job Description
  7. Hiring
  8. work Schedule
  9. Vacation & Holidays
  10. Benefits and Compensations
  11. Termination
  12. Practical Information

Environmental Policy

The management in Allied Diesel is fully conscious about its responsabilities vis a vis the Environment and tries to convey this attitude to all the employees and partners and to make it a part of the company culture. The Handbook of Policies and Regulations states in Chapter 4

Allied Diesel thrives to be an environmentally responsible company trying to perform its business in a sustainable manner with as small an impact on the environment as possible. Allied Diesel has adopted the motto of the 3Rís : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Allied Diesel encourages all its employees to adopt this mind frame and apply it not only in the workplace but also within their own homes making it a way of life rather than a company policy. Allied Diesel encourages the promotion and sales of eco-friendly products

The Hanbook also gives details about particular items like : Cleaning, efficiency, electricity, paper, transportation, waste recovery and products offered to the clients.